Rande’s Shack in Huahine – Definitely not a shack!

When traveling, you sometimes are lucky enough to find a really special place to stay at. Rande’s Shack on the island of Huahine, French Polynesia is one of those. They only have two bungalows for rent, and when staying in one of those, you can experience what it would really be like living in the French Polynesia.

The beach at Rande's Shack

Both bungalows are spotless, and feel like they have just been built. Rande has spent a whole lot of time and effort to make every little detail perfect and comfortable. There is enough room for the whole family, and you can cook your own meals in the kitchen. The surroundings are also beautiful. Exotic flowers and all kinds of fruit everywhere. Papaya, tamarin, coconuts, mangoes and other tropical treats, most of which I’ve never even seen before. Rande’s wife Emery has been taking a really good care of the gardens.

Rande's Shack

There is a nice small hut with hammocks and chairs right on the shore. You can easily spend hours watching the waves break a few hundred meters from the shore. If the weather is clear, you can also spot the neighboring islands of Ra’iatea, Tah’a and Bora Bora on the horizon. The sunsets are beautiful, though we did not see the “green flash” Rande kept telling about.

Sunset at Rande's Shack

On the very first day Rande showed us how to open a coconut, and make coconut milk by carving the white stuff from inside the coconut, and then squeezing it through a cloth into a jar. It was delicious with our morning muesli! Every day Emery also offered us fresh fruits, and even baked a papaya pie with a fresh passion fruit topping. Delicious!

Rande's coconuts 101

We spent our time in Huahine mostly relaxing and doing nothing. Fare, the island’s small main town, is located only about 10 minutes walk or a few minutes bike ride from Rande’s Shack. Fare is actually only two streets, a few shops, a bank and a pharmacy. The supermarket stocks all the essential groceries for cooking at the bungalow. For lunch try one of the food trucks, or “roulettes”, located at the far end of the town’s main street. The cheeseburgers we had right on the shore are probably the best “cheeseburgers in paradise” I have ever tasted.

Cheeseburger in paradise

The lagoon just outside Rande’s is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. On a sunny day the water is turquoise and crystal clear, straight from a brochure. The coral is in good condition and fish are plentiful.

Coral at the lagoon

Rande and his wife Emery are maybe the most welcoming and friendliest couple we have ever met. They might also be the luckiest ones, being able to live on the beautiful Huahine. We were also very lucky for being able to stay in their “shack” for a few days.

Emery, Rande & Salla

Next stop is Bora Bora, and it must be something really spectacular, to be able to top Huahine and these few days at Rande’s!

See some more pictures from Huahine and Rande’s here:


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