Battle of the budget hiking boots: Columbia vs. Timberland

During our last trip to Las Vegas did some shopping at the Premium Outlets, and both of us needed new hiking boots. I wasn’t sure if hiking boots bought from an outlet store would have the quality and durability needed in rough terrain and multi-day backpacking trips, but the prices were so low that we decided to give the boots a try. Salla found her boots from Timberland (under 50 USD) and I bought a pair of Columbia Newton Ridge WP boots (about 45 USD).

This is the result after only 8 days of hiking during  last summer:

My Columbia boots have lasted well and are still in good condition. So far they have been light, comfortable and waterproof. I would recommend them to anyone!

Salla wasn’t so lucky with her Timberland boots. Only after 4-5 days of hiking, the sides of the boots started to tear from the same point in both of the boots. Now they are not waterproof anymore and water is leaking in from the tears.

Conclusion: Seems that you can get decent quality even from the outlets, but the pair you buy might as well be sold there for a reason. It is hard to know beforehand if the boots have a known defect or if they are just as good as any other boots from the same manufacturer. It’s a gamble like everything else in Las Vegas!


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