Hiking Half Dome with Cables Down

Half Dome

Hiking to the summit of the Half Dome in Yosemite National park was the #1 goal on our West Coast road trip. Not being able to plan our trip far ahead to secure permits in advance, we opted for attempting the hike after the summer season had ended, and just before the winter season would close all the park roads. The only drawback was that the “cable staircase” would not be “up” on the final 120m (400 ft) ascent to the half dome summit. Besides that there are only positives: no crowds, not too hot, not too cold, flexibility to choose a good date and to wait for good weather, cheaper accommodation etc…

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How to prepare for Hiking Half Dome in one day

half_dome_3 Hiking to the summit of the Half Dome in Yosemite National park is one of the most spectacular day-hikes you can do. You’ll see amazing waterfalls, beautiful scenery and lots of nature. The hike is demanding but not technically too difficult. The trail is quite easy to walk until the final ascent to the summit of half dome, but keep in mind that there is a lot of altitude to be gained. About 1600 meters (4800 feet) in total. The total distance depending on the route is about 23-27 km (14-17 miles) and will take about 10-14 hours. [Read more…]

Get away from the madness – hike in Las Vegas

Many people cannot stay sane in the hectic Las Vegas sensory overload. Luckily I am not one of them. I really like buzzing a few days in Vegas. But I also like nature, silence and hiking, and there are many options for nice day-hikes at the surrounding mountains.

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Getting around & things to do in Bora Bora

There are some nice things to see and do in Bora Bora if you get bored sitting in the bungalow. The hotels located on the motu offer a frequent shuttle boat to the main island. The pier and drop off point is just a parking place, so make sure you have plans and a pick up arranged. Most of  the restaurants and tour operators offer free pickup from your hotel or from the dock where the hotel shuttle boat leaves you. When staying in  the hotels on a main island that the lack of taxis and public transportation may make it hard to explore the island on your own.

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Abandoned hotels in Bora Bora

Operating a resort in the paradise is not easy. Even the big chains seem to fail. On our boat trip around the Bora Bora lagoon we noticed the abandoned Club Med hotel, and got interested what has happened to it. The locals told us that there are also other hotels that have been closed recently.

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Exploring the Bora Bora lagoon with your own boat

Bora Bora might just be the most stunning lagoon in the world. We had never before seen water this clear and all shades of green and blue like these. The best way to explore the lagoon is by renting a small private motor boat. We got a small aluminum boat with 6HP engine for 4 hours, costing about 100 Eur (yes, it is expensive, but so is everything in Bora Bora).

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Bora Bora & Le Meridien

Bora Bora is a place where we have wanted to travel for a long, long time. For me it has always represented the ultimate and most exclusive tropical destination on the planet. Often the expectations are higher than the reality, but this time our expectations were exceeded. Bora bora is by far the most beautiful destination we have ever been to. [Read more…]

Rande’s Shack in Huahine – Definitely not a shack!

When traveling, you sometimes are lucky enough to find a really special place to stay at. Rande’s Shack on the island of Huahine, French Polynesia is one of those. They only have two bungalows for rent, and when staying in one of those, you can experience what it would really be like living in the French Polynesia.

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Flying from New Zealand to Tahiti gives me a headache

Living in Finland and mostly flying from there, I have never before crossed the international date line. Usually I can easily wrap my head around different timezones, but now it just got more complicated. [Read more…]

Weekend in Auckland

On our way from Hong Kong to Tahiti we stopped for two days of jet-lagging in Auckland, the capital of New Zealand. We knew almost nothing about the city beforehand, and started planning and researching for things to do only few days before landing. [Read more…]